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Name Official number Flag IMO
Year built Date launched Date completed
1873  1873   
Vessel type Vessel description
Yacht   Iron Screw Steamer 3 Masts Schooner
Builder Yard Yard no
Thomas B Seath & Co, Rutherglen Broomloan   

Tonnage Length Breadth Depth Draft
312 grt / 183 nrt / 489 tm 187.3 ft  23.7 ft  12.5 ft   
Engine builder Alexander Campbell & Son, Glasgow
Engine detail
Compound, inverted 2cyl (22" & 44" x 27") 105nhp, 1-Screw 

First owner First port of register Registration date
Henri Louis Bischoffsheim, South Audley Street, London.   Cowes  06/01/1874 
Other names
Subsequent owner and registration history
06/1874 Sir Michael Robert Shaw Stewart, Bart. - CAVALIER

03/1904 Michael Hugh Shaw Stewart, Bart - CAVALIER
04/1904 Walter de Saumarez Maude, London, Major (retd) - CAVALIER.
03/1905 Samuel Hardman Lever, London
07/1912 British Registry closed on sale to an American Citizen.
Archer Harman / Guyaquil & Quito Railway Company. (Archer Harman, an American, was engaged to build the Ecuador railway linking Guyaquil & Quito).
Sold to Ecuadorian Government.  
Vessel history
The yard number given is an approximation.
1904 Declared by Major Maude that the vessel was to be taken to the Galapagos Islands.

Used for coastguard duties in Ecuadorian Government service. 
End year Fate / Status
Disposal Detail


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