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Name Official number Flag IMO
Year built Date launched Date completed
Vessel type Vessel description
Cargo   Wood Sailing Vessel  Schooner
Builder Yard Yard no
John Dick, Banff    

Tonnage Length Breadth Depth Draft
 /  / 185 om, c200 dwt 82.8 ft  22.7 ft  10.7 ft   
Engine builder ,
Engine detail

First owner First port of register Registration date
Banff & London Shipping Co, Banff     
Other names
Subsequent owner and registration history
1850 ?? - reg Banff
by1865 James Gilchrist, Banff
c1866 John Clayton, Banff
by11/1869 James Longmore, Alex Walker and others, Banff
1870 Michael Harrington, Poplar, Middlesex - reg London 
Vessel history
24/11/1842 sailed Banff for London
by1855 --grt 122nrt; by1865 114g/nrt

12/11/1869 on voyage London for Leith with manure, sank in Gravesend Reach after collision with steam collier TREVETHICK
22/12/1869 sold at auction 'as lies' on N bank of Thames
End year Fate / Status
1871  Abandoned 30/11/1871 
Disposal Detail
Abandoned at sea 20nm W-by-S of Scilly Isles; crew of six rescued (six carried by american shiup ANNA DECATUR to Boston USA and one carried by ship KILTEARN to Demerara!)

3/12/1871 reported seen without sails or topmasts, and sinking, in 49°00'N 10°35'W (c200nm WSW of Scilly Isles) 


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