Welcome to the Caledonian Maritime Research Trust

This web site aims to present the vital information and the careers of all vessels built by the shipyards of Scotland.
It is very much a "work in progress", so far recording over 40,000 vessels and their histories. In addition, it is planned to add brief histories of each shipbuilder.

This work based on detailed research over decades of a number of enthusiasts for Scottish Shipbuilding, and is being developed with the support of a team of volunteer data editors. The organisers have had two particular objectives in mind - not only to make available the most comprehensive information in an accessible format, but to ensure that it is secured for the long term. As a first step towards that, A Trust has been established and had taken responsibility for its future organisation and funding.

You are welcome to try out the database. Hopefully you will find your ship, though we cannot guarantee that the editors have yet completed the full details. Please give us some feedback on what you find and how easy it is to find it. And if you have the time and interest to join the team of editors, you will be very welcome.

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