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Year Built O.N Vessel Name Builder Yard No Vessel Type Propulsion
1894    ATHLETE  Abercorn Shipbuilding Co  107 Tug Screw Steamer 
1894  CALLIOPE  James Adam  Launch Screw Steamer 
1894  88913  AILSA  Ailsa Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.  48 Coaster Screw Steamer 
1894  99940 SOUND FISHER  Ailsa Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.  46 Cargo Screw Steamer 
1894  99969  STAGHOUND  Ailsa Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.  44 Coaster Screw Steamer 
1894  102131 BLANCHE ROCK  Ailsa Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.  43 Coaster Screw Steamer 
1894  102867  HARLECH CASTLE  Barclay, Curle & Co. Ltd.  389 Passenger / Cargo Screw Steamer 
1894  104567 YANARIVA  Barclay, Curle & Co. Ltd.  391 Cargo Screw Steamer 
1894  104044  AJAX  Barclay, Curle & Co. Ltd.  393 Tug Screw Steamer 
1894  99760 LOUTH  Blackwood & Gordon  229 Passenger / Cargo Screw Steamer 

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O & A Stathatos, Braila (Roumania) & Ithaca (Greece)

Name ATHLETE may not be official.

Not in 1920 list of Greek vessels at Braila/Danube

Alfred Rowland, Liverpool.
14/06/1894 Steamship Blanche Rock Co. Ltd. (Alfred Rowland and Co., managers), Liverpool.
16/08/1913 Rayford Shipping Co. Ltd. (Mann, Macneal and Co., managers), Glasgow.
xx/xx/1915 Managers restyled Mann, Macneal Ltd.
22/10/1917 Matthew Taylor, Methil.

29/08/1937 on a voyage from Sunderland to Lowestoft with coal was sunk in collision with the steamer LONDON (1,499/21) one mile E of the Humber Light Vessel.

08/09/1931 Register closed.
John Neill, Belfast
28/03/1895 John Hay, Glasgow
18/08/1915 John Hay and Sons.
14/01/1921 John Hay and Sons Ltd.
07/10/1927 Robert Monroe, Liverpool
06/02/1931 Monroe Brothers Ltd., Liverpool
01/12/1936 Kyle Shipping Co. Ltd. - Monroe Bros., Liverpool

16/17/1940 Admiralty by requisition

Bombed at Torquay while serving as a distilling ship.
Raised and broken up.

29/10/1942 Register closed
Kilmeny Barque C., Ltd., - Mgr. J. Browne of Browne & Watson
1909 Kilmeny Barque Co.,Ltd. - J. Hardie & Co., Bothwell St., Glasgow.
Board of Trade Inquiry Report into explosion in anthracite cargo loaded in Prince of Wales' Dock Swansea 26/02/1897.
Broken Up in Germany
James Fisher & Sons, Barrow
1918 John Slater Ltd., London.
1920 John Kelly Ltd., (Samuel Kelly, manager) Belfast, and renamed CAUSEWAY. £37,000
26/11/1923 Wm. Clint appointed as manager.
1932 St. Helen's Colliery & Brick Works Company, (T. S. Siddick, manager), Workington.

11/05/1933 Arrived at Port Glasgow for demolition by Lithgows Ltd.
James Hamilton, Troon
1897 W. B. Niven & Company, Glasgow.
1900 M. H. Williams, Truro.
1903 John Williams, Truro.
1916 John Kelly Ltd., (Samuel Kelly, manager), Belfast.
26/11/1923 Wm. Clint appointed as manager.
War service
15/06/1917 until 23/07/1917 Transporting potatoes on behalf of the L & S.W. Railway Company.

1932 Laid up at Belfast for disposal.
1932 Hammond Lane Foundry Company Ltd, Dublin, for demolition but remained at Belfast.
1933 Smith & Houston Ltd., at Port Glasgow, for demolition.

Castle Mail Packets Co. Ltd. - D. Currie & Co., London
1900 Union-Castle Mail SS Co. Ltd., Southampton
1905 Earl Fitzwilliam, London
1906 Peruvian Government
1914 Cia. Peruana de Vapores y Dique del Callao, Callao
1915 Peruvian Government
1922 Cia Peruana de Vapores y Dique del Callao

Used by Earl Fitzwilliam as a yacht for his Cocos treasure expedition
Later a Peruvian Navy transport
Out of service 1933.
1935 deleted from Lloyd's Register
The Admiralty

Stationed at Portsmouth
Arrived at Inverkeithing,Forth,28 April 1923 for demolition by J.A.White.
Dromedary Class Naval paddle tug YANARIVA
Yanariva S.S. Co. Ltd. - Caw, Prentice, Clapperton & Co., Glasgow
1901 Prentice, Service & Henderson, Glasgow
1903 Crown SS Co. - Prentice, Service & Henderson, Glasgow
1918 Lucania Soc. Italiana di Nav., Naples
1923 Reed. Stange & Dreyer, Stettin
1927 AG fur Handel & Verkehr, Emden

07/05/1917 torpedoed by U.63 in Gulf of Genoa, beached near Albegna, torpedoed again by U32 9 days later, later refloated, repaired and sold
Broken up at Emden by Nordseewerke
Southampton, Isle of Wight and South of England Royal Mail Steam Packet Co Ltd (Red Funnel), Southampton

1914: 273grt 114nrt; 1924 267grt 4nrt
30/7/1914-5/8/1919 on War office service at Calais
Sailed Southampton 12/1936 to be broken up in The Netherlands