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Year Built O.N Vessel Name Builder Yard No Vessel Type Propulsion
1919    WILLIAM GRIFFITHS  George Brown & Co  113 Naval Screw Steamer 
1918  WILLIAM GRIFFIN  Scott & Sons  272 Naval Screw Steamer 
1847    WILLIAM GLADSTONE  Calman & Martin  Cargo Sailing Vessel 
1871  67126 WILLIAM GILMORE  Troon Shipbuilding Co  5 Coaster Sailing Vessel 
1919  144563  WILLIAM GILLETT  Ritchie, Graham & Milne  369 Fishing Screw Steamer 
1918  WILLIAM GIBBONS  J. Fullerton & Co.  257 Naval Screw Steamer 
1821    WILLIAM GALT  Robert Steele & Co.  Cargo Sailing Vessel 
1843  18419 WILLIAM FRAZER  z..Inverkeithing  Cargo Sailing Vessel 
1856  15181  WILLIAM FRANCE  J W Hoby & Co.  Coaster Screw Steamer 
1890  98160 WILLIAM FLOWER  David J. Dunlop & Co.  200 Tug Screw Steamer 
1918  145056  WILLIAM FERRINS  John Duthie, Torry Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.  438 Naval Screw Steamer 
1847  WILLIAM EDWARD  Walter Hood & Co.  Cargo Sailing Vessel 
1862  44438  WILLIAM DUTHIE  John Duthie, Sons & Co.  Cargo Sailing Vessel 
1853  32289 WILLIAM DENNY  Alexander Denny  30 Passenger / Cargo Screw Steamer 
1866  56144  WILLIAM DAVIE  Alexander Stephen & Sons Ltd  90 Passenger / Cargo Sailing Vessel 
1917  144279 WILLIAM CUMMINS  Bow, McLachlan & Co. Ltd.  349 Naval Screw Steamer 
1917    WILLIAM COWLING  Bow, McLachlan & Co. Ltd.  343 Naval Screw Steamer 
1866  54505 WILLIAM COULMAN  Macnab & Co.  11 Cargo Screw Steamer 
1852    WILLIAM CONNAL  William Simons  60 Cargo Sailing Vessel 
1862  44789 WILLIAM CONNAL  William Simons & Co. Ltd.  106 Cargo Screw Steamer 
1918  144614  WILLIAM COGSWELL  Alexander Hall & Co.  540 Naval Screw Steamer 
1917  WILLIAM COBURNE  Bow, McLachlan & Co. Ltd.  344 Naval Screw Steamer 
1888  93807  WILLIAM CLIFF  Barclay, Curle & Co. Ltd.  350 Cargo Screw Steamer 
1919  139348 WILLIAM CHALMERS  Hawthorns & Co.  170 Naval Screw Steamer 
1917  145067  WILLIAM CASTLE  Alexander Hall & Co.  537 Naval Screw Steamer 

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N. I. D. Java.

Floating dock rigged as a barque for delivery to Java.
On first departure she had to return because of defective steering gear.
On the second departure, she suffered the 21st October gales of 1874 and was driven ashore at Ardmore.
In July 1875 finally repaired, she left, the voyage taking 18 months.

Edward Ferguson & Co, Greenock
1884 James Campbell, Greenock

Foundered near Pladda in the Firth of Clyde when owned by James Campbell of Greenock. All four of the crew were lost.
James Gardner Jr (James Gardner & Sons), Kirkintilloch
1877 William J Pirrie, Edward Harland, Gustavus Wolff and Walter Wilson, Belfast - reg Belfast
1881 Thomas H Davis, Peel IOM - reg Peel
1884 Edward Crompton, Liverpool - reg Liverpool
1886 Les fils de T Conseil, Lisbon.

George Clark, Ayr.
1877 W Hine Bros, Maryport.
1876 chartered to the Kircaldy & London Steam Shipping Co, Kirkcaldy
17/4/1877 put in to Holyhead as filling with water (Newport for Workington with iron) and put aground. Reported with broken keel; returned to service by 11/1877.
Wrecked at Loch Etive Connel Argyllshire, Voyage Workington to Bonar Argyllshire with rails, Master W Holmes and crew saved.
James Duthie, Buccleuch Street, Glasgow
c1877 Nobel's Explosives Co Ltd, Glasgow

Lost in collision in Mersey.
Robert Taylor and William H Neilson, Dundee
c1881 Robert Taylor, Dundee

Wrecked in a force 12 Gale on Sandrigg, Holy island, Northumberland, on voyage Warkworth to Dundee with coal and two passengers. The master T Inglis, the crew and passengers saved by rocket apparatus.
Pile & Co [J. C. Briggs] London
Pile & Co, London
1877 Koninklijke Nederlandsche Stoom Maats, Amsterdam - mreg Amsterdam
1906 Martinolich & Figlio, Trieste
Launched as CHISLEHURST for Pile & Co, London. Registered as PHOEBE
Wrecked on Merlera Rock, near Pola. Present day Ereikoussa Island north of Corfu.On voyage from Gallipoli to Ravigno with grape residue.
The builders, in order to cover the risk of launching so large a vessel in so narrow a river, the Cart, insured her for £10,000. NO.6
Clyde HarbourTrustees, Glasgow

Cross-river service 1878 to 1914, for part of the time at Whiteinch.

Broadside launch in the River Cart. VENEZUELA
John M MacDonald, London
1877 Bolivar Railway Co Ltd, London & Venezuela - reg Venezuela
1883 Quebrada Railway, Land & Copper Co Ltd, London & Venezuela

12/1890 wrecked
Ayr Steam Shipping Co - mng Peter Barr & David Rowan, Ayr
01/05/1883 David Rowan, Glasgow.
22/12/1891 David Rowan junior and Walter Bain, Ayr (both shipping agents).

10/1896 Foundered off St. Ann's Head, Isle of Man whilst on a voyage from Llandulas to Ayr with a cargo of limestone.

19/11/1896: Register closed.